Tear Trough and Periorbital Rejuvenation

This is an advanced practical and theoretical course for injectors who have already gained a good level of experience and confidence in delivering cosmetic injections with at least 6 months post Foundation experience.

Most will have also completed an introductory course either the Foundation Dermal Fillers course or the Foundation Dermal Fillers course - plus Cheek Enhancement and Restoration course, as the two treatments complement one another.

Tear Trough & Periorbital Rejuvenation Course will train you in all aspects of this advanced procedure.

  • Understanding of the anatomy of Tear Troughs
  • Consultation and assessment
  • Tailoring a treatment for the best possible results
  • Safety protocols and full understanding of potential complications and side effects
  • Practical injecting experience with real models

A certificate is included at completion of the course.

  • Establish confidence through practical experience and live demonstration for a complete procedure
  • Provide refresher knowledge of facial anatomy with specific focus on the tear trough and periorbital area
  • Highlight differences between the various brands of dermal fillers on the market that can be used
  • Provide an understanding of how to conduct a thorough consultation and assessment of the patient to ensure a safe, comfortable procedure that delivers maximum results.
  • Provide knowledge of possible side effects, complications, patient concerns and learn how to address them.
  • Teach our trainees how to give patients a natural looking result that provides an essential balance between delivering volume enhancing the natural contours and shape of the face
  • How to limit complications through learning safe angles and depths of injections and techniques that substantially reduce risk.
  • How to deal with any adverse effects and complications including how to inject Hyaluronidase enzyme to remove hyaluronic acid dermal fillers if required
330.00 €
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