Esztétikai Ginekológia

The Cosmetic Gynecology training course aims to enhance both the physical youthful appearance and physiological function of the genital organs. This can be a game changer as it relates to a woman's sexuality, dignity, self-esteem and overall confidence.

Join Prof. Dr. Liselotte Mettler Attar on non-surgical cosmetic gynecology.

Standard Fee: 

What you will learn

Applied surgical anatomy
Genital bleaching
• Skin anatomy
• Skin typing
• Perineal skin conditioning
• Chemical peeling
Laser physics in cosmetic gynecology
• Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation
- Erbium
- CO2
HA for genital rejuvenation
PRP vaginal enhancement
HIFU in cosmetic gynecology
Radiofrequency in cosmetic gynecology

Price: 17.800.- Euro